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3.3V SGMII SFP Transceiver 1.25G 550m 850nm TMS-DRM5-85DIR

3.3V SGMII SFP Transceiver 1.25G 550m 850nm TMS-DRM5-85DIR
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Power Supply: 3.3V
Product Name: SGMII Transceiver
Cable Length: 550m
Data Rate: 1.25Gbps
Operating Temperature: -40℃ To 85℃
Hot Pluggable: Yes
Interface Type: SGMII

Trixon SGMII SFP transceiver 1.25G


Trixon SGMII SFP transceiver 550m


Trixon SGMII SFP transceiver 850nm

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Trixon
Certification: UL,TUV,FCC,CE,ROHS
Model Number: TMS-DRM5-85DIR
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Negotiable
Delivery Time: Negotiable
Payment Terms: L/C D/P
Supply Ability: Negotiable
Product Description

TMS-DRM5-85DIR industrial SGMII 1.25G 550m 850nm Serial-Gigabit-Medium-Interface-Transceiver for Extreme Environments

Product Description:

The Serial-Gigabit-Medium-Interface-Transceiver (SGMII Transceiver) is a high-performance, small-sized, hot-pluggable transceiver that provides a Serial Gigabit Medium Interface (SGMII) for high speed and low power applications. This SGMII Transceiver is designed to operate over an operating temperature range from -40℃ to 85℃ and is powered by a single 3.3V power supply. It supports data rates from 125 Mbps to 1.25 Gbps, providing a low power, low latency, low cost solution for both copper and fiber optic applications. This transceiver also features a hot-pluggable interface for easy installation and removal. In addition, SGMII Transceiver comes with a variety of operating modes, allowing the user to customize the transceiver for their specific application.

The SGMII Transceiver offers a low power, low latency, and low cost solution for high speed data rate applications. It is designed with a hot-pluggable interface for easy installation and removal, and supports a range of 125 Mbps to 1.25 Gbps data rates. This transceiver also features a variety of operating modes to accommodate different applications. With its high performance and small size, the SGMII Transceiver is an ideal solution for high speed, low power applications.



  • Property Value
    Product Name SGMII Transceiver
    Interface Type Serial-Gigabit-Medium-Interface (SGMII)
    Power Supply 3.3V
    Data Rate 1.25Gbps
    Operating Temperature -40℃ To 85℃
    Cable Length 550m
    Hot Pluggable Yes

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Symbol Min Typ. Max Unit Note
Centre Wavelength λc 830 850 870 nm  
Spectral Width*Note4 ∆λ     0.85 nm VSCEL-LD
Average Output Power 100BASE POUT -9   -3 dBm  
  1000BASE   -9   -3 dBm  
Extinction Ratio ER 9     dB  
Average Power of OFF Transmitter POFF     -45 dBm  
Output Optical Eye Compliant with IEEE 802.3ah-2004  
Centre Wavelength λc 830   860 nm  
Sensitivity*Note5 100BASE PIN     -17 dBm  
  1000BASE       -24.5 dBm  
Receiver Overload Overload 0     dBm  
Optical Return Loss   12     dB  
LOS Assert 100BASE LOSA -45     dBm



  1000BASE   -35        
LOS De-Assert 100BASE LOSD     -30 dBm



  1000BASE       -25    
LOS Hysteresis   0.5   4 dB  


Industrial automation: TMS-DRM5-85DIR can be used in industrial automation systems to connect industrial control equipment, sensors and monitoring devices. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, anti-vibration and anti-interference, and can provide reliable communication connections in harsh industrial environments, supporting real-time data transmission and remote control.

Intelligent Transportation Systems: This industrial-grade transceiver can be used in intelligent transportation systems to connect traffic lights, road surveillance cameras, and traffic data collection devices. It has strong environmental adaptability, can operate reliably in harsh climate conditions, and supports high-speed data transmission and real-time traffic monitoring.

Oil and Gas Industry: TMS-DRM5-85DIR is suitable for the communication needs of the oil and gas industry. It can be used to connect remote monitoring equipment, oil well sensors and data acquisition systems to achieve remote data transmission and monitoring, providing real-time data analysis and decision support for the industry.

High reliability applications: In applications requiring high reliability communications, such as the military, aerospace and nuclear power industries, the TMS-DRM5-85DIR transceiver can play a role. It has strong anti-interference capabilities and reliable data transmission, adapting to communication needs in extreme environments.

High-speed industrial network: This industrial-grade transceiver can be used to build high-speed industrial networks and connect industrial switches, routers and other network devices. It supports high-speed data transmission and low-latency communication, providing reliable network connections and efficient data transmission performance.




Connector Type: The transceiver can be customized to support different connector types such as LC, SC, or ST, depending on the requirements of your application or existing infrastructure.

Operating Temperature Range: If your application requires operation in extreme temperature conditions, you can discuss with the manufacturer or supplier to customize the transceiver to operate within specific temperature ranges.

Power Supply Options: Depending on your power supply infrastructure, you may need customization options for the transceiver's power requirements. This can include support for different voltage levels or power over Ethernet (PoE) compatibility.

Distance Support: The standard specification for the transceiver mentions a maximum distance of 550 meters. However, if you require support for longer distances, you can discuss customization options with the manufacturer to extend the reach of the transceiver.

Environmental Resilience: If your application involves harsh environments with high levels of humidity, dust, or other contaminants, you can explore customization options to enhance the transceiver's resilience and protection against such conditions.

Compliance with Industry Standards: Depending on your specific industry or application requirements, you may need the transceiver to comply with certain industry standards or certifications. You can discuss customization options with the manufacturer to ensure compliance with relevant standards


Support and Services:

SGMII Transceiver Technical Support and Services

We offer technical support and services for our SGMII Transceiver products. Our team of experienced engineers are available to provide technical assistance and advice to ensure you get the most out of your SGMII Transceiver.

We provide a range of services including:

  • Technical support via telephone, email and online chat
  • Software updates and bug fixes
  • On-site installation and maintenance
  • Technical training and seminars
  • Remote troubleshooting and diagnosis

For more information on our SGMII Transceiver technical support and services, please contact us at your earliest convenience.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping

The SGMII Transceiver is packaged in a cardboard box, with an inner box that contains the transceiver itself. The box is then sealed with bubble wrap or foam and labeled with a shipping label. The transceiver is shipped via a reliable courier service, with tracking information provided to ensure timely delivery.

Reference Datasheet file code:DS060008 (SGMII)

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